Best eCommerce Clothing Photography Plan To Increase Your Sales

eCommerce Clothing Photography Plan

It’s time to reconsider how you handle eCommerce photography if you want to boost your product sales.

It’s not just about gaining favorable evaluations to boost your product’s sales. It’s only by thinking outside the box that you’ll see a boost in sales. Investing in eCommerce photography is a common strategy to increase the perceived value of your items.

You must begin adding value to your product when you have established a high-quality product. Investing in product photography is the most effective approach to boost revenue. It is preferable to collaborate with a professional eCommerce photographer rather than taking your own pictures.

How do you make your product more valuable?

The first thing you should consider is that your potential clients might find it difficult to interact with your product. It’s a good idea to give a human touch to your product images to make it feel more hands-on. This entails incorporating models or mannequins into your eCommerce photographs.

Look at any of the main large-scale advertising campaigns undertaken by powerful commercial groups, and you’ll see the use of models or mannequins. Perfume brands and clothes companies are two examples. 

They aren’t, however, the only items that can benefit from being displayed by a human figure. When it comes to promoting their products and increasing sales, drinks firms frequently employ models.

Best eCommerce Clothing Photography Plan to Increase Your Sales

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Ecommerce and product photography both require branding. It’s possible that your brand will require assistance to get off the ground. Using a model in this situation can be really beneficial.

If you can work with a well-known figure, you’ll be able to establish a link between your business and that person almost quickly. Models aren’t always actors or singers who have made a name for themselves. Celebrity bloggers and reality television stars are frequently employed to promote and sell products these days.

If you want to enhance your sales, you must photograph apparel things for eCommerce retailers precisely. Although apparel product photography is not as difficult as jewelry photography, getting it right is always a challenge for newcomers. To attain perfection, see the step-by-step apparel photography tips.

Prepare Your Apparel Product to Increase Your Sales

If you want to take stunning images of your products, the first step is to prepare the clothes product. Post-processing will function and give you fewer headaches if you prepare your items and shoot them beforehand.

You aim to maintain every detail visible and undamaged when photographing your clothes product. As a result, if you do not properly prepare your clothes, your photographs may not come out the way you want it to be, forcing you to reshoot them.

  • It’s the most prevalent and expected fault in apparel. When photographing a textile, the wrinkles are the most noticeable feature. As a result, the first step in preparing garments for filming is to iron them. Before using it on models or mannequins, iron or steam your cloth.
  • Examine minute details such as whether buttons are properly positioned and whether ties, if any, are properly fashioned.
  • The position of your clothes must be completely aligned otherwise the visuals of your customers will be not clear. Fold the sleeves in a neat and consistent manner all the way around. Take a close look at your merchandise to check whether it has any stains because if it does, the high-quality images will highlight them as well. Keep an eye out for stains and the wrong orientation.

Clothing and Photography Equipment to Increase Your Sales

Now that the outfits are ready, it’s time to prepare all of the photographic equipment you’ll need for the session. The equipment used for clothing photography is nearly identical to that used for product photography, with a few exceptions.

  • When photographing clothing, having a steady hand is essential, and utilizing a tripod will help you achieve that. Tripods are one of the closest pieces of equipment that will connect with your camera, so choose one that is durable. Without a tripod, images might become fuzzy, and undesirable shakiness can exacerbate the problem.
    The only answer is to use a tripod, but make sure you pick a robust one that will hold your camera.
  • Appropriate photo lighting allows photographers to catch every detail of the subject, and customers prefer to view photographs of highly detailed products. One must have the proper photographic lighting kit as a clothing product photographer.
    In the studio, employ three-point lighting to cover all of the angles of the subject with adequate lighting. The key light is the main light for your photography, while the fill light and backlight are the other two options.
  • The background is vital for apparel product photography, but choosing a decent background is not as simple as it appears. To achieve the finest results, use a photography background kit. Whatever backdrop you choose should match your topic in the foreground.
  • When selecting a camera for product photography, check that the images are of high quality and that the camera is capable of catching detail. While it is true that the more costly a camera is, the better the image, a decent product photograph may also be shot using a mid-budget or budget DSLR camera.
  • Regardless of how amazing your product is, how you present it to the consumer will determine its fate. Your photo shoot will be more flexible with models because they can adjust to the attire and strike any stance you wish.

Photographing your products to Increase Your Sales

Photographing your products

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It’s time to get down to business. Yes, if you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’ve followed the processes I’ve outlined and have determined how you want to photograph your apparel items for online sale.

Keep your camera in a good position. Use a tripod to keep your camera stationary and take clearer, sharper photographs of the product. If you don’t have a tripod, place your camera on a safe or flat surface.

  • Positioning your model or mannequin for a product photoshoot is unavoidable, and it has a significant impact on the outcome of your images. On eCommerce sites, close-up images of products are preferred.
  • You must mark the spot where you capture the perfect shot once using mannequins and models, else it will be very difficult to discover that spot again if your models or mannequins are moved from the spot.

Post Production Photo Editing to Increase Your Sales

Upon completing the shooting, you may believe that your work is done because you did everything correctly from the beginning, but wait, if you slow down now, your product images will fall short of being excellent. Photo editing is an important factor in the eCommerce Clothing Photography Plan to increase your product sales. 

So, if you’re looking for a photo editing service for your product images, look for experienced agencies like COB because apparel product photos require special attention in order to perform at their best.

Final Words

Nonetheless, you do not have to make all of these changes at the same time. It may take some trial and error to get the results you desire, but creating consistent, high-quality product shots is not something that happens immediately.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be able to use your product photography not just to capture stunning product shots, but also to build a visually captivating brand and a profitable leading eCommerce business.

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