E-commerce Sales Growth Hacks: 12 Best Ways That’ll Boost Sales

ecommerce Sales Growth Hacks

Ecommerce businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to drive traffic, but this strategy is not only expensive, but it can also leave you overly reliant on advertising spend, resulting in too many expensive first-time clicks and insufficient actual buyers to earn a profit. Here are 12 best ways to boost your eCommerce sales. 

1. Get your SEO on point

Get your SEO on point

For any photo editing company, SEO is one of the few sustainable ways to produce an audience, generate b2b sales leads database and, eventually, close customers.

When visiting your website, the very first focus of the viewer and the algorithm that determines the search engine will always go to the title as it encompasses the entirety of the material.

Taking that into factor, you will need to ensure the headline is catchy and conveys what your interested buyers may wish from connecting with your business.

 If your brand is yet to make a name for itself, this strategy is the best way to draw attention to it and expand your customers.

2. Give Something in Return

Customers appreciate it if you go above and beyond to make their buying experience unique and different, be it a complimentary item or perhaps a discount.

Writing handmade thank you notes to new clients is a simple method to please your consumers. This tiny act sticks out to purchasers as genuine, considerate customer care amidst an industry consisting of primarily automatic response. 

Shoppers who feel valued because of this gift are more motivated to buy from you later as well as share your company’s name with other potential customers.

3. Build trust through communication

Build trust through communication

When customers check out a new website for shopping or service, they expect reliability and assurance. Open communication between the store representative and the customer can easily form this bond of trust.

It is imperative to remember to have a way for your clients to be able to reach you easily in case they have any kind of queries or doubts.  This sort of social bridge is usually achieved through the live chat feature in websites where a client always has someone available to talk to.

4. Give incentive to stay

It is extremely important to ensure that customers don’t leave your website empty handed, especially if they are visiting the site for the first time. The best way to do this is to have a website that detects a visitor attempting to exit the site without any purchase and catches their attention with pop-ups.

The purpose of these pop-ups is to give these customers an incentive to buy something from your store, be it a discount or a coupon. Another great way to hook a potential customer is to send them offers of the products they might show their interest in through email or other platforms.

5. Make your customers want to buy 

One of the best ways to get a consistent stream of client interaction is to make your customers want to buy your product as soon as possible. This is easily done by making your customers think they are missing out on the latest product which creates a feeling of urgency which either results in high customer interaction or instant sales. 

The most commonly used method to this is through live sessions where you are selling your products online in real-time or by putting out limited offers and emphasizing with a countdown timer. It is a great approach to show that your shop has a large following.

If you want your customers to buy from you, then you need to give them a reason to do so. One way to do this is by offering a coupon code. This will give them a discount on their purchase, which will make them more likely to buy from you.

To get started, simply create a coupon code and promote it through your marketing channels. You can use social media, email marketing, or even print ads to get the word out. Make sure that your code is easy to find and use, as this will make it more likely to be used by customers.

Once you have a few customers using your coupon code, take a look at how much they’re spending. If you see that they’re spending more than they would without the code, then you know it’s working!

6. Get your customers to post reviews 

When you are handling an online shop, it is important that you highlight every sale even if it is a small one or the first one. By doing this, it helps you to reach out to potential new customers and leave a positive impression.

The idea is to convince your new clients to tell their friends and family about your company. A simple method to achieve this would be to have a statement encouraging purchasers to post the reviews they have of the product they ordered on a relevant social media platform to let others know that your eCommerce site is high quality and reliable which will attract new customers.

7. Highlight special occasions

Festival targeted campaigns are one of the most known effective ways of making huge numbers and attracting hordes of new customers. The time around and during holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Halloween, or any major occasion is a resource pit of new opportunities.

Although specific campaigns of holidays are a sure way of success because of the sheer amount of people celebrating them, for different seasons the same tactics can also be put in use. For example, during the arrival of winter or summer, advertise your collection with extra fervor to attract customers who are looking for products specifically for the coming season.

8. Get creative with personal promotion

Customers are familiar with the promotion since every firm employs either emails or automated messages to elicit social media views.

Customers would not care and heed to such requests as it turns into the norm more and more. It is much more effective if this is done creatively as it not only intrigues your current customer but also gives an excitement to the potential customers about something fun and unique.  

For example, you can send a frame or print out a card that looks like an Instagram or a Facebook post and take pictures of your product with those for posting.

9. Make your website time efficient

This is the point where the technicality of the build of the website becomes a factor.  In this day and age of fast-paced and instantaneous results, it goes without saying that customers visiting your website will want the same.

Sales can also decrease by laggy sites since site viewers, especially new ones won’t return to the page. The general consensus is that any delay over 3 seconds will guarantee a significant loss of potential and existing customers.

When creating a website with a user-friendly color scheme, it’s important to consider the background color. One option to enhance user interaction is to include a dark mode feature. If you have a WordPress site, you can use the “WP Dark Mode Plugin by DarkMySite” to easily add this feature. This plugin not only allows you to customize the color scheme according to your preference, but also includes a toggle switch to easily switch between dark and light modes. By using this plugin, you can provide a more personalized and comfortable browsing experience for your website visitors.

10. Remind customers about your site

The most important asset of an eCommerce firm is the customers, especially the recurring ones as they are way more beneficial in the long run.  It is almost guaranteed that loyal customers are much more likely to buy or have a full cart every time they visit the website than new clients. This is why it is important to always prioritize these customers so they continue to use your business.

Mailing your existing clients a “buy again” letter is a simple way to make your customers keep coming back. The best way to approach this is to send an email a few days after their most recent purchase with links of similar products and a gentle reminder to visit your site again.

11. Offer a “Compare To” feature

Any good eCommerce business will have a variety and diverse collection of items for customers to choose and buy from. This is extremely vital because the said products commonly have a number of similarities and more prominently differences.

By letting your customers compare and choose allows them to buy the product that suits them more and hence increases the reliability of your business.

12. Make your website attractive and approachable

Since online shops are completely virtual, first impressions are the make and break for most customers. Ensure that everything about your website is welcoming and adheres to a theme. This goes from vibrant eye-catching colors to professionally made eCommerce product photos, every single thing matters.

Make sure to hire professional designers who know exactly what the standard for this highly competitive industry is, especially for product photos since those will determine sales. However, designers are extremely expensive and are often quite difficult to maintain, hence the best solution to this is to use services.

Photo editing services can easily be found online that will deliver high-quality results with very affordable pricing. Though, trying to find a reliable online photo service can be jarring, so to help you out, you can start off with Cut Out Bees because of their comfortable rates and standard of work.   

Final Words

No tactic for “growth hacking” for an eCommerce business is set in stone. The key is to constantly switch between methods and always try new ones to keep things interesting and to maintain a healthy pace of change for both your business and your customers. What works currently will be obsolete in a few years whereas a technique that was proven to be successful might not work for a different genre of business.

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