How To Decorate Studio For Product Photoshoot – 7 Easy & Useful Tips

Decorate Studio For Product Photoshoot

Product photography is an important part of every business and its e-commerce site’s approach. You must also provide detailed, appealing photographs of your items to attract your intended consumers who like to shop online.

You can generate great, creative marketing materials or build a brand yourself with only some equipment and suggestions that will benefit your business in the long run. 

However, to accomplish this, a functional and professional photo studio must be set up depending on the business’s needs and requirements

Equipment needed for Product Photography

Product Photography

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1. Buy a good camera

The most basic equipment needed for photography is a camera. Unfortunately, professional cameras like DSLRs are very costly and not as accessible to beginners. However, taking product photos using a smartphone is perfectly appropriate.

The latest devices include strong photographic features and camera parameters that let you tailor your photographs to many kinds of lighting and scenarios you could have a session in.

2. Use a Tripod

A tripod is a crucial component of any home photography studio since it allows you to allocate your camera on a tripod is a crucial component of any home photography studio since it allows you to allocate your camera on a stable surface and shoot in dimly lit areas in a way where it won’t affect the images. There are two types of tripods commonly used- traditional and flexible.

3. Have multiple Memory Cards

Remember to carry extra SD cards when you set up a photo shoot. Memory cards are affordable nowadays, and an SD card with a sufficient capacity should be both cost-effective and affordable. 

It is important to remember to always have multiple memory cards in hand if the one in use doesn’t work and a replacement is needed.

4. Roll of paper for the background

We recommend you purchase a big white-colored roll that you can position behind your items to make a smooth white background. White paper rolls are available in almost all stationery shops or photographic retailers.

It’s critical to purchase a broad roll of paper since you’ll need to cover the entire frame of the product photo to limit the process of editing in post-production after the photoshoot.

This is especially important because most platforms require a white background for product photos.

5. Support gear

You’ll also need some adhesive tapes or fasteners to attach the white paper background to the product’s platform, so it doesn’t move around while you’re photographing your item. 

Clamps provide for simple clean-up and durability, while the tape is speedy, handy, and readily available.

DIY product photography 

DIY product photography

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The way a product photo looks is frequently used to determine the desirability of your items and your company’s credibility. 

However, a professional studio for a product photoshoot is almost impossible to set up for a startup or a beginner photographer because of the cost and connection it requires. 

That’s why DIY product photography is a fantastic option, and as long as you have the right gear and skills, you can take stunning product shots.

1. Folding Table

It is a hassle when your products are not correctly positioned during photographing. For easier maintenance, a folding table is the best choice. In addition, you can use the table anywhere, which makes it extremely portable.

2. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a photoshoot. Buying ring lights or big studio lights are beneficial as it covers the entire room. Warmer tones of light are generally recommended. However, you can also use blue or cold shades for creative effects. 

3. Reflectors

Since a professional studio is not on the budget, it is vital to keep reflectors in mind. Rays of stray light can negatively impact the product photo greatly. 

To effectively contain the light into the photo to make the image seem well lit, you can use a reflector or any alternative reflectors like a board.

7 Easy & Useful Studio Setup Tips For Product Photoshoot

Useful Studio Setup Tips

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Although there are seemingly endless guidelines to follow for product photography and setting up a home photography studio, photographers still know a few tips and tricks from experience that enhance the result of the photos. 

Here are a few of those tips to help you set up a photography studio.

1. Natural Light

Even though every studio has artificial light, photographing your products in natural light will give you the best result as the pictures will look more appealing and genuine.

2. Firmly place the product

Make sure that your product does not move and stays still the entire time of your photoshoot. If it is a clothing item, pin it or tape it to the platform and if it is a solid object, then using double-sided tape to stick it in place goes a long way.

3. Multiple Shots

Use the space of the studio and keep in mind to take multiple shots of the product from different angles by moving your position to let the customers see every detail of your product so that you have the option of choosing the best images and posting them. 

4. Use props

As much as a simple white backdrop is necessary, it is very beneficial to have a change of pace for yourself and the business and a breath of fresh air for the clients. Use different colored backgrounds and use additional accessories to elevate the creativity in the product photo.

5. The location

An aspect that you might fail to notice when setting up home photography studios in the space being used for it. Make sure that the place’s layout complements your style of photography and that it has large windows for ample light to enter the room. 

6. Platform

Depending on the amount of space your studio for product photoshoot has, use different platforms to keep your product on. From a simple tool to rustic wooden chairs or marbled boxes, the variety in platforms adds texture to the otherwise bland photos.

7. Post Production

This is the last and one of the most crucial steps of product photography. After choosing the images, editing the minute blemishes out, color correcting and retouching the photo, or tweaking the background ultimately delivers a perfect product photo.

However, it is usually costly to hire an editor to retouch your product photos. Hence, it is wise to use photo editing online services which are readily available online. 

Furthermore, it can be confusing to find the right company that meets your needs. Hence, you can start with Cut Out Bees which provide high-quality results at very comfortable rates.

Studio For Product Photoshoot

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Final Words

If you’re just getting started in the field of studio photography, keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a crazy amount on photographic gear. Don’t discourage yourself if the results don’t meet your expectations in the first few tries. 

Photography, especially product photography, needs time and skills to perfect, so you must be patient. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you grasp the basics of how to set up a studio for product photography, and you will be able to implement it for your own business. 

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