How to Take Pictures of Clothes Without a Mannequin

How to Take Pictures of Clothes Without a Mannequin

You’ll need high-quality, appealing, and exciting product images to draw in the people’s attention to your product. There are two distinct methods for capturing industry-standard picture clothing pictures. 

The most frequent method is to photograph clothing with mannequins or models. So, how to take pictures of clothes without a mannequin? The method of photographing garments that do not require a mannequin is known as flat lay photography. It’s pretty standard in eCommerce platforms.

What viewers see when they shop online is determined by what they see. The photographs that are the most appealing and fashionable are the ones that get the most attention. As a result, the image’s quality must be ensured by the owner. 

These images must be basic and realistic for buyers to compare and picture the items on themselves. It’s relatively simple to take an appealing cloth photograph here. However, there are some typical factors to remember when it comes to selling something online.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Photographing Clothing Without a Mannequin


  • Far less expensive than a mannequin and real-life model photography
  • A simple photography setup is required
  • There are various ways to style the clothes
  • It’s convenient and easy to style


  • Extra styling time is needed.
  • If not styled appropriately, clothes may not appear suitable when placed flat.
  • Photographing the type of style multiple times.

The flat lay photography procedure is covered and how to increase photo quality using a ghost mannequin editing service. Let’s get started.

Product photography is critical for e-commerce and apparel business owners. It enables them to engage targeted buyers and enhance sales by using a high-quality image. 

A firm can spend as much money as they want on product photography, but money is a significant concern for someone just starting. In addition, they may have a limited budget and cannot afford to spend as much as a brand when photographing goods to sell online.

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What is Flat Lay Photography?

Flat Lay Photography clothing

A camera facing the clothing item is used in a traditional flat lay/tabletop photography setup. On the other hand, lights, diffusers, and lightboxes are on the same side as the camera. Clothing is hung with a stick or a hanger while the equipment is being set up.

Place the item on the table and use the tools (sticks, tape, and clasps) to define the item’s outline. Next, fold the product under the arm and fill it with tissue paper to natural depth.

How to do a flat lay photoshoot for your clothing item?

  • Flat lay photography is a simple method for photographing clothing items uniquely and creatively. Start photographing clothes for eCommerce with your smartphone or DSLR camera.
  • Maintain the same white space on each side by keeping the clothing lines straight and considering the symmetry of the edges.
  • Place the clothing in the middle and adequately line the shoulders. If you’re unsure, stick to the rule of thirds and put your clothes on the 3X3 framework’s gridlines.
  • The Canon EOS 5D Mk III is a professional product photographer’s dream camera. Place the tablecloth in the center of the table, as straight as possible, for shooting photos.
  • Make sure that the neckline and shoulders are aligned to appear level and straight when placed on the table.
  • When photographing men’s and women’s attire, strive to keep things as natural as possible. Try to give the lady’s clothing a flawless form, while the men’s garment should be kept highly straight.
  • Use a small amount of tissue paper stuff below the cloth to give it a more natural look. It will offer a high-quality, precise finish.
  • After you’ve completed all of your preparations, you may begin photographing your clothing shots.

As we all know, untidy things make images uninteresting and unappealing, whereas, Flat lay methods assist in organizing pictures of any object so that beauty emerges naturally from the image of that product.

During edit flat lay photography, a photographer must follow specific techniques to take good pictures of clothes. It is believed that by doing so, a photographer may create a professional image.

Post-Process After Photography

The success of an online business is determined by the content that customers see. Owners must guarantee that photos are improved and appealing for viewers to click the “buy now” button.

Before you start editing pictures for online retailers, make sure the clothing appears as it is. Since flat lay photography is a manual technique, there’s a reasonable probability the photos may require photo editing. To generate web-ready photos, this is always recommended to hire a professional product image editing service.

The natural shadow beneath the clothing product is required to provide dimension to the clothes photographs. In that scenario, it is best to use a shadow casting service.

After product photography, color correction is essential for attractive clothing photographs. Photoshop designers remove the topic from the backdrop to conduct the necessary editing seamlessly in editing production house designers, using hand-drawn clipping paths.

There are various issues with image angle and quality in flat lay photography setups. Consumers want to see photos from the same perspective. The ghost mannequin editing service can provide the clothes photos from the same perspective.

You can find photo editing services online at an affordable rate. Similarly, we give efficient photo editing services to our customers too. 

It is a cost-effective and straightforward technique to photograph any clothing item without using a dummy. Unfortunately, customers cannot try on products and are frequently hesitant to buy since they cannot picture how they appear.

That is why the images, as well as the fabric, must be clear. Overall, this sort of photography is ideal for someone just starting in the company and has a limited budget.

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