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Product photo editing can take your e-commerce store to the next level. You could boost the performance of your business, increase sales revenue and ultimately grow your business with professional photo editing services from Cut Out Bees. We offer a huge range of product photo editing services that will make your products look incredible wherever they’re displayed. Don’t get left behind by your competitors — ensure that your products stand out in the busy and competitive e-commerce landscape, whether on social media, your website or on Google search engine results.

Shadow Creation Service
Background removal

Many e-commerce store owners don’t have the expertise or the time needed to edit their product photos — and why would they? You want to be laser-focused on delighting your customers with high-quality products and fantastic customer service. Plus, there’s a lot of time and effort involved in bringing on a member of staff to edit photos for your business, and you may only need photo editing at specific times, too, like when updating a product catalogue. Plus, with e-commerce stores often featuring a massive amount of products that need uploading quickly to ensure that opportunities for selling are not lost, it’s essential to have a product photo editing service that you can trust will deliver high quality edited shots quickly and without hassle.

To help you with this, at Clipping Bees we offer a wide range of product photo editing services, like background removal, ghost mannequin cut-outs, colour correction and shadow creation. To find out more about each of these services and which would be perfect for your products, read on below.

Range of Services

At Clipping Bees, we know that one of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce stores is ensuring that their product photography stands out. No matter the products you’re selling or the niche that you’re in, having high-quality edited product photos is one of the best ways to increase sales and grow your business. We offer a range of product photo editing services with guaranteed high-quality results, so you can ensure that your e-commerce products are standing out in search engines or on social media.

Clipping Path or Background Removal

Cut out, background removal or deep etching services are one of the most important methods of product photo editing. This service will remove any background that may be on your original photo and replace it with a plain white background that looks professional and natural. If you’ve ever wondered how product images on Amazon, eBay or other stores are taken with a completely plain white background, it’s due to this cutout and clipping technique. Clipping Bees offers a high-quality background cut out clipping path service in large bulk quantities, perfect if you’ve got a large e-commerce store with a lot of products that you need to get online quickly. Our service uses a high-quality pixel-perfect clipping path solution that ensures the background is carefully removed from the original photo.

Shadow Creation

Another important service for product photo editing is the adding of shadows. While background removal is great for getting a high-quality product image without distracting backdrops, this can sometimes look unnatural without any shadows on the product. Clipping Bees can add high-quality drop shadows to your products, so they’ll look natural and balanced in the image.

Colour Correction

When taking product images, sometimes the camera or lighting can introduce a colour balance that looks artificial, or even not accurate to how the product appears in real life. With our colour correction service, we can alter the colours in the image to ensure your customers see product photos that are accurate to the item they will receive. This is a great way to cut down on any customer service issues and make sure that your product photos look as true to life as possible.

Invisible Mannequin

For e-commerce stores that sell clothing, our ghost mannequin editing service can help to present products in a natural-looking way, so your customers can make an informed choice. When you take product images using a mannequin rather than a model, the mannequin itself will still be visible in the image, so this service will completely cut out the mannequin, leaving only the item of clothing. By editing clothing product photos in this way, the item will look natural rather than flat, and your customers can see the quality of the material and its fit.

Image and Model Retouching

Another product photo editing service that Clipping Bees provides is image retouching. Sometimes with model or product images, a camera flash, lighting element or even just some dust or other imperfection can be captured on the photo. When you are doing a lengthy shoot, it can be difficult to catch all of these issues at the time. This service can remove any imperfections, giving you a professional image that perfectly displays your product or captures your model.

Benefits of Product Photo Editing

Product photo editing can really boost your e-commerce business, driving sales and revenue. Over 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos to make a purchase (Source: eFelle Creative), and so ensuring your product imagery is as high quality as possible is a great way to boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce store.

Plus, premium product images are more likely to get shared on social media, so if you’re looking to grow your own social channels, or even engage in influencer marketing, being able to post and share professional, ultra-high-quality edited product images is essential.

High-volume Image Editing Service

At Clipping Bees, we’re equipped to handle all your product photo editing needs. Whether you’re an e-commerce seller, eBay or Amazon store owner, or a commercial photographer, get in touch with Clipping Bees today and get a quick quote for your product photo editing needs.

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