About – Cut Out Bees

“There are no bad photos. All captures are a still of reality”A motto that we, Cut Out Bees, dedicate ourselves to and strive to follow so we can do right by every single picture that we receive. We are a company based in the United Kingdom specializing in Graphics Designing and Photo Editing.Our strong suit is that we provide service of the highest quality within the most affordable range and all of that with the delivery right on time too! To make it even better, we are known to have absolutely 100% satisfaction from customers who wanted their pictures treated. To top it all off, Read about us and Cut Out Bees has been aiding clients for over 10 years all over the world with excellent 24/7 service, skills and dutiful experience.


Sharing files is one of the biggest aspects when a client is seeking a service such as ours, and to do so with reliability and ease is our priority.We opt with the best choices of mediums that are likely to cause the least amount of hassle when it comes to transferring photos for editing. The three main ways that we exchange our orders and results are through the following:

Google Drive: This is the best means of sharing media digitally especially if you are looking to have multiple pictures serviced.

Dropbox: We accept Dropbox for file transfer depending on our customer’s requirements.
We Transfer: We facilitate our clients by uploading their orders safely for them to receive it with no additional trouble.
FTP: You can upload large file here and it’s also very easy to download process.


Cut Out Bees has an excellent team of professional designers who work 24/7 all year and do their job with skillful dexterity and expertise to provide our customers with the most proficient photo editing service and read about us for more. Our customer’s satisfaction and contentment is our main target. We have a very efficient and definitive work ethic that substantiates the quality of our orders, our form of service and our punctuality to deliver your photos quick and fast no matter the quantity of the order.Here are some of the reason why you should consider Cut Out Bees as about us for your editing service provider:

    1. Fast Orders and Service:Our doors for taking orders are always open 24/7 all year round and we always make sure to deliver at the right time to provide fast paced service.
    2. Quality:All our work and images that we turn in are of the highest standard made by professionals with years of experience and expertise.
    3. Affordability:Our price range is much more affable in comparison to a lot of other clipping services and has acceptable rates with amazing quality.