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If you are looking for shadow creation services to enhance your product photo editing, our experts here at Cut Out Bees can help. Shadow creation helps to create realistic product images and object images that stand out, helping you to generate more sales and impress your potential customers and clients. We regularly assist commercial photographers, e-commerce business owners, Ebay store owners, Amazon marketplace sellers and others to create the expert photos they need to entice today’s discerning consumers. You can read more about our services below.

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Shadow Creation

Why do I Need Shadow Creation?

When you add shadows to photos that you have taken, either by yourself or where you have used a professional photographer, the photos will look better and more realistic with added shadows. Some effects cannot be achieved through photography alone, but shadow creation editing can create the perfect photograph to sell your product.

What Types of Shadow Creation Product Photo Editing Effects are Available?

Drop Shadow

Adding a drop shadow will make your product look as if it has been raised above whatever background it has been set against. The drop shadow technique can also give the object a ‘glow’ look. Drop shadow creation is a popular technique used when photos are being used to display products sold online.

Natural Shadow

When a natural shadow is added to an image, generally the image will be edited in a way that allows the object to appear as if it is casting a shadow against the background. When we edit your photos, we will carefully select which direction the light appears to be coming from, to create the perfect natural shadow look for your photos. The objects in the photos will appear as if they are sitting on a surface, again this is an effect that is commonly used for e-commerce photography.

Cast Shadow or Existing Shadow Enhancement

In some photos, the object will already be casting a natural shadow. However, this may need to be edited to create a different backdrop. We can keep the naturally occurring shadow, and adapt the background. However, in some cases we may need to also recreate the original shadow to ensure the photo looks just right.

Reflections and floating shadows

Floating reflections and floating shadows are another possibility to enhance the context and character of your photos. We would use a floating shadow to create the appearance that an object is floating above the area where the shadow appears. Other examples are reflections, such as a swimming pool. Floating shadows and reflections are often used in e-commerce photos with a white background to really enhance the look, and add context to the product. We understand the importance of creating floating shadows to the highest standard, as when they are done incorrectly they can look very strange and unnatural.

Do I Need to Add a Shadow Effect to My Photos?

As discussed above, adding a shadow effect can improve the quality of your images and make them appear more realistic and professional. However, there are certain reasons as to why many people choose to add a shadow to specific images. In particular:

Shadows add texture and depth to images that appear ‘flat’
In certain photos, it can be difficult to distinguish objects in the photo from the background. A good example is white objects and clothing against a white background. Adding a drop shadow is the perfect solution to this, as it will allow your products or specific objects to be seen clearly.

When large batches of photos are edited using shadows in the same way, this can create a consistent look and feel to your images. For example, if you are creating an online catalogue, you can make your images and online marketplace look more professional by ensuring all of your images are edited in the same way.

It seems strange that editing a photo will make it look more natural, but that is just what adding shadows can do. Shadow creation when carried out correctly makes your images appear more realistic.

In certain circumstances, you may need to change the background of a photo but wish to keep the natural shadows. We can do this for you.

Why Choose CutOut Bees?

Our photo editors are experts offering specialist shadow creation services. Our editors understand that every object and shadow is different, requiring individual attention. We also take the time to get to know you, your brand and your goals.

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We regularly work with clients based in the UK & EU to create images specifically tailored to the UK & EU market. We can discuss your needs with you and help you to decide which shadow creation services best suit your brand.


The market for online products in the USA is huge – so it is essential that you stand out. We can help you to create images that capture the attention of your target customers.

We can handle large volume orders no matter how complex your editing needs may be, get in touch with us today to receive a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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