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When it comes to selling your products online, you need images that convey quality. Make your products stand out from the crowd with the clipping path service from Cut Out Bees. Our clipping path services are ideal for e-commerce store owners and commercial photographers looking to process bulk orders.

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photo background removal
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What is Model Retouching?

Model photography has its own uniqueness where the focus is the model’s beauty and highlighting features. Model Retouching is specifically the repairs and improvements of the products of photoshoots, like an editorial project, to make the end result look absolutely professional and spectacular.

It is established that the standard of pictures in the e-commerce and fashion photography field needs to be considerably higher than others. Customers are attracted to products of which the photos look convincing and real. Not only is this true in the cases of individuals, but it’s especially significant for brands as they often have a reputation to maintain.

Benefits of Model Retouching Service

Every image needs to have a high-end feel so that it attracts customers. Hence, a model retouching service can tweak the picture into a professional looking one in a cost effective manner. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Enhanced Presentation

Presentation is the key when it comes to selling or adverts related to images. An audience will be more inclined towards a bright and pretty picture instead of a dull and dark one.

  • Brand Awareness

A service such as this can help your brand to have its own trademark style that’s easily distinguishable and set it apart from the market’s competitors.

  • Increase Promotion

A customer will have their interest piqued when they see a well made promo whereas a poorly made ad won’t do the same.

  • Importance on Online Platforms

To have higher customer engagement on social media, product placement is highly important. It is imperative for the photos to accurately represent its subject and this is perfectly attainable by retouching or photo editing.

Benefit from Our Full Range of Services

Online companies such as Cut Out Bees that specialize in photo editing and retouching have teams of experts and professionals that work together to make sure they’re able to produce the best result keeping affordability in mind.

Do I Need Model Retouching Services?

Photo retouching is extremely crucial for photography especially when it comes to fashion related brands or selling branded products. Even magazines or catalogues have an essential need for attention grabbing pictures as people will instantly be inclined towards the more product authentic and attractive one rather than the ones which have unedited pictures as they may seem like pertaining to lower quality.

Here at Cut Out Bees, we have excellent teams of professionals with equally matched skill and expertise who strive to provide the best service as we can. We are constantly bettering ourselves to always keep our clients 100% satisfied.

How the Process Works

Order an image edit to Cut Out Bees with ease and hassle free process. When you submit your images to Cut Out Bees, there are five simple steps to enhance the beautiful photos into show-worthy captures.

  1. Upload – You upload your images to our platform in whatever format you desire. We find that RAW files deliver the best results, according to prior experience.
  2. Feedback – Within 30 minutes of you submitting your order, we will send you a feedback on the images and give you an estimated time on when we can complete your request.
  3. Confirmation – Once you are happy with our feedback, you can send us the go-ahead for your order, and our team can get to work.
  4. Return – After only 4 hours, we will send your edited images back to you so that they’re ready to go live.
  5. Results – See the impact of high-quality pictures for yourself as you enjoy our work on your site.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our services, then we’re happy to work on it with you until we get it right. Our customer satisfaction comes first and foremost to our company ethos, and we pride ourselves on meeting the required needs of our e-commerce clients.

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