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At CutOut Bees, we offer an invisible mannequin photo editing service, sometimes known as a ghost mannequin service. Our team are experts in photo editing and retouching and can edit your images quickly and to a professional standard. Simply send us the photos from your photographer, and we will get to work. At Cut Out Bees, we follow your instructions precisely and edit your photos as per your guidelines. To learn more about our invisible mannequin editing service, continue reading.

What is Invisible Mannequin Editing?

Ghost or invisible mannequin editing is a popular technique used by many business owners who are selling products online. For those who own eCommerce clothing stores, ghost mannequin editing is a great way to ensure that the images on your website look professional. Often, live models are expensive to hire to photograph items of clothing or accessories. Plus, you are not guaranteed that you will like the finished photos. This is why many online retailers use mannequins to display their products instead. Mannequins can be easily moved and manipulated so that you can get the exact angles and shots of the products that you want.

A downside to using mannequins is that in photos, they can distract from the actual items of clothing. If a customer can see the mannequin in the photo, it immediately looks less professional, and therefore they are less likely to buy. This is where ghost mannequin photo editing comes in. Using the latest photo editing software, our team can take your image and remove every trace of the mannequin with our clipping path services. This leaves you with a photo of just the clothing that you want to sell. While the mannequin is not visible, the clothes look structured and three dimensional, which gives customers a better idea of their appearance than if they were simply laid out flat.

How do Invisible Mannequin Clipping Path Services Work?

To non-experts, mannequin editing can seem difficult and time-consuming. Most online shop owners do not have the time or skills to edit these photos themselves. However, our team are trained in photo editing and can produce professional-looking photographs in no time. The first step to our editing process is receiving the photo. We ask that the product has been photographed from multiple angles so that we can assess what will look best on your website. The best mannequins for you to use are ones that are static and lifelike, with any limbs positioned outside of the frame. Using white matte mannequins is also a good idea, as it is easier for these to be edited out of the image. It is essential that the product fits the mannequin-like it would fit the target customer, so be sure to select the right sized garment.

The best product images are taken with high-quality cameras and good lighting. Low-quality images will still look unprofessional even after the mannequin has been removed. When photographing, the camera should be facing the chest area directly to create the best angle. Once we have received your high-quality photos, we can effectively edit out any unattractive mannequins. To do this, we create layers in our photo editing software. Then we select the product and refine our mask so that it is tight. This allows us to edit away the mannequin, leaving you with only the item of clothing. After this process, you will be sent an amazing 3D effect image which looks realistic and will help improve your sales on your online shop. We can get this back to you within 4 hours, meaning you can display it on your website as quickly as possible.

What are the Benefits of Invisible Mannequin Services?

There is a range of benefits to using our ghost mannequin service. Firstly, we do all the hard work for you. This means you don’t have to spend hours teaching yourself how to edit photos. Instead, we can edit your images to a professional standard, leaving you with more time to run your business. Another benefit is that edited photos look much more polished and professional. Having parts of the mannequin visible in your product photos sends a message to clients that your clothing is not high-quality. Something as simple as having a professional product image can really help to boost your sales, and make your overall website look more refined.

Who can Use Our Service?

There are many different businesses and clients that can benefit from using our product photo editing services. If you are an e-commerce shop owner, or an eBay and Amazon seller, our product photo editing services can help you. Or, if you are a freelance and commercial photographer, you can send us your images to be edited quickly and to a high standard.

Why Choose Cut Out Bees?

Cut Out Bees are experts in image editing services. Our team have years of experience in e-commerce photo editing and can provide you with professional images for your website. Plus, we also offer high volume image editing services. This means that we can accept thousands of images per day, and have them all ready for you whenever you need them.

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Invisible mannequin editing is only one of the services we offer here at Cut Out Bees. We can also provide all manner of clipping path services, background removal services, shadow creation, model masking, model retouching and colour correction services. We understand the impact that professional-looking images can have on a business, and that’s why our services are there to help you. For more information, or to receive a quote, contact us today.

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