Best Shoes Photography Ideas For Ecommerce Webstore

Shoes Photography Ideas For Ecommerce Webstore

Photographs of shoes don’t fall into the interest of just the people who have a wardrobe stocked with fancy shoes, but also for photographers who appreciate capturing a variety of subjects. 

Shoes have a seemingly unending number of styles, dimensions, and categories, ranging from high heels to platforms, heels to pointe shoes, and from loafers to running shoes. 

Therefore this signifies that you have a lot of room to express yourself in terms of production design and artistic direction, which allows you to explore your passion in an even wider range.

 Although being in the realm of relative creative freedom, shoe photography does have certain definitive laws, which help to fuel your imagination. 

All of this will help develop a skeleton for your shot and create opportunities for attaining the best outcomes possible with ease. Here are a few of the most effective and essentials of shoe photography ideas  for e-commerce to help you get started:

Shoes Photography Ideas For Ecommerce Webstore

Shoes Photography Ideas

Make it seem real

If your budget and schedule allow it, including models in your footwear photography is a great idea. Photographing shoes on people’s feet rather than an unused and inanimate shoe will improve the overall presentation of your brand. 

However, models are expensive and are difficult to shoot with especially for beginners, that’s why always make sure to make it seem like someone is wearing your shoe product in your shoe product photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re photographing sandals or boots, always keep them propped up, either with tissue papers or fittings so that the shoe looks exactly like it would if it was in use.

Have a tidy background

Cramped backdrops are never a good idea for almost all sorts of product photography including shoe photography. A noisy background will divert your customer’s attention away from the thing you really want them to see: your shoe. To bring the most interest to your shoes, make anything within your picture minimalistic and sleek.

Crop with consistency

Take your time while cropping. One of the most common errors in shoe product photography is improper scaling when cropping is done in post production. Purchasers will be able to tell if some of your shoes’ photographs are more zoomed in compared to the rest and if the position of the shoes is incorrect. 

They’ll pick up on changes in lighting, concentration, and other factors. Make sure to construct a photographing and cropping template that follows a specific criterion that ensures that your photographs are uniform in every shoe photo.

Variation in angles

When it comes to shoes, customers like to view all aspects and profiles of the shoe product before deciding if they will buy it or not, therefore taking as many angles as possible is the best option for greater success. Details are a big part of why a customer chooses a shoe, hence the buyer would want to see every intricacy and side of the shoe product.

Avoid direct lighting

 Do not opt for utilizing bright lighting since it will throw unflattering silhouettes and cause unwanted reflection.  Since shoe products are tiny and moveable, placing them near a window to maximize the amount of sunlight or natural falling on them is one of the better shoe photography ideas. However, if sunlight is unavailable during the time of the shooting, using a lightbox does the trick effectively as well. 

Shoe Photography Tips for eCommerce webstore

Shoe Photography Tip

Nowadays, online shops or e-commerce sites are gaining popularity at a quick pace and will continue to grow successfully for the foreseeable future. The best part about e-commerce is that it has so many genres including footwear. However, even besides the basics, there are techniques that enhance shoe product photo photography. Here are some of the most useful tips for shoe photography ideas for e-commerce.

Premeditate your shots

It is critical that you organize every component of the shot beforehand to avoid any unforeseen issues during the production. The shoe product, on the other hand, is the most significant aspect to consider. Ensure that the shoes are spotless and flattering so that they can then appear the most attractive in good lighting.

Context is key

Fashion includes shoes, and just like any commercial photography, the shown product may thrive from being photographed in a setting that conveys meaning. Context may assist in establishing a narrative around the product and explaining the essence of the shoe product. While background cluttering is heavily discouraged, carefully curated places for props that enhance the shoe photo is definitely a creative option that you might want to explore.  

Use a white background

The background is very important in product photography as it hugely affects the way your product looks which decides if it is purchasable or not. The usage of a white backdrop is one of the most successful shoe photography ideas when it comes to tactics. This method allows you to concentrate just on the shoes while ignoring the surrounding atmosphere and other aspects.

Although make sure that the lighting and shades are spread out evenly throughout the footwear.

Let your creativity shine

While typical white backdrop product photographs are necessary, do not be reluctant to go artistic. Use a number of sources and setups to photograph the shoes from multiple perspectives. Go all out in experimenting with bright contrast colors and props to make the product looks attractive in the shoe photos.

Focus on the details

For shoe product photography, you’ll require high attention to detail. The more detailed your photographs are, the more favorable impact they make on the customer of your brand. Ensure that you highlight the unique design on the footwear with closeups.

Importance of photo editing in shoe photography

photo editing in shoe photography

Editing and fixing your product photographs is an important factor in improving the quality of shoe photos you want. Every single one of your photographs, no matter how good they appear during the time of the actual shoot, will require post production editing. 

Post-production essentially compensates for all of the time and work used when photographing the shoes. For shooting eCommerce product photographs, you’ll need to edit the photos by color correction, clipping, photo retouching, and many more.

It is best if the entirety of the post production process is done by an expert, that’s why it is highly suggested to hire a professional graphic designer to get the job done. However, for the photographers who are beginners, the expense to hire an editor might be too much to bear, hence, the best option for this case is to use online photo editing services. 

These companies offer you all the editing services with affordable rates and high quality results. Try UK Clipping Path who is best for Product editing services and has absolutely comfortable pricing range and high quality products.

Final Words

Being a photographer is not, be it in the field of editorial or product photography. It takes a lot of time and practice to get it right, especially when it comes to e-commerce because of its rapidly changing trends. 

We hope this compilation of guides and tips has helped to understand the basis of footwear products and how it can be altered so that it acts in your best interest.

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